WCB Services

Workers Compensation Board lawyer who appeals WorkSafeBC decisions

I, as a workers compensation board lawyer. work for injured workers at all stages of the WorkSafeBC process. 

Whether you need some guidance filing your initial WorkSafeBC claim or would like me to take full conduct of your workers compensation board file, including doing an oral hearing at the WCAT, I can help.

My workers compensation legal services include:

  • filing initial injury claims to WorkSafeBC;
  • requesting Reviews to the WorkSafeBC Review Division after a claim denial;
  • preparing appeals to the Workers Compensatin Board Review Division;
  • preparing written appeals to the WCAT (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal); and
  • preparing and conducting oral appeals to the WCAT.

I represent injured workers for any type of WCB and WorkSafeBC matter.  If you dispute any part of a decision, give me a call toll free at 1.822.854-2086.

Generally, the primary disputes involving WorkSafeBC include:

1.  Whether an injury occurred while working?

This would be a causation issue.  Causation simply refers to whether your injury was “arose out of and in the course of your employment.”  If your claim was denied on this basis, there are many ways to show that in fact, your injury was caused by your work.  Even one consultation with me can give you ideas how to build a strong appeal.

2.  Wage loss benefits denial.

This issue arises both whether your work caused your injury and in some cases whether you were working while you were hurt.  Sometimes WorkSafeBC denies a claim saying you weren’t working at the time of your injury.  Again, there are many ways to reverse such a finding.

3.  Medical benefits dispute.

Perhaps you have an accepted claim but the workers compensation board simply isn’t getting you the treatment you need.  You can appeal their refusal to pay for treatment.  Again, there are many types of ways to show the treatment you seek is necessary.

4.  Vocational rehabilitation.

Many injured workers dispute the finding WorkSafeBC makes about workers’ ability to return to work – whether their previous job, or alternative work.  Again, there are ways to appeal vocational rehabiliation decisions you don’t agree with.  NOTE: you can only appeal vocational rehabilitation decisions one time; you cannot appeal to the WCAT.  Therefore, if you disagree with the vocational rehabilitation decision, then be sure to launch a strong first appeal.

5.  Calculation of permanent disability awards and/or chronic pain awards.

If you’ve been deemed permanently injured to some degree, then you’re entitled to a permanent disability award.  WorkSafeBC does the initial disability assessment and then decides on your award.  The award is essentially your pension.  If you believe you permanent disability award is too small, talk to me.  In fact, I welcome you review your award assessment with us during a consultation to get a second opinion.

These are just some of the common WorkSafeBC appeal issues.  If your WorkSafeBC issue isn’t set out above, that doesn’t mean I can’t help.  I welcome you to set up a consultation about any WCB matter.

If you don’t agree with any part of any WCB decision, call me to discuss your WorkSafeBC case today.  My toll free telephone number is 1.855.854-2086.